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Growing and maintaining a sales team is tough. Sales people tend to up sticks when the mood takes them and some people just struggle to settle in. Sales team need persistant recruitment to maintain your team size


Hospitality is about passion, commitment, attention to detail and exceeding expectations. We won't promise you the world, however, we do have passion, commitment and we care.


If the team is wrong or incomplete, you know your event is going to go wrong. Recruiting and managing an events team is a big responsibility. We have done it before, have the processes and the contacts to ensure it happens smoothly.

How We Help

Save You Time

We know you are busy and possibly struggle to get all the little things done. We can write the adverts and set up the distribution so all you have to is read the applications. We can even do that if you need. 

Save You Money

Our flexible flat fee service allows you to budget your annual recruitment spend and not pay per candidate or recruit ideal for volume campaigns. It is the perfect solution for companies that are recruiting all the time! 24-7 365 days a year.

Provide Expertise

There are so many ways to find the right people and if you are not doing it full-time, those choices and implications can be bewildering. We can advise you on your options and help you match your needs and budget.

What we achieve

1,500,000 Applicants in 5 Years

That's right. Every year we process around 300,000 applications for our clients!

Our Customers


End to End Recruitment System

Our system provides an end to end recruitment process - from writing to hiring. And anyway, we are here to do it for you if you need us to!


Through our network of existing contacts or using databases and search techniques we can find the hidden gems. 

Job Boards

We work across 100's of different job boards and know how to get the best out of them


We know what Ads work and why. We can advise or write them for you.


We can track your campaigns and advise on what is working and why.

The Difference

We think Big, But act small

We are not like some agencies full of young turks hammering the phones. We are not that keen to have millions of clients. We prefer to work with a few companies and do a good job. We are not about billing, but finding you the right people!




Flat Fee to Search



Our Approach

Guiding you to Shore!

Recruitment should be straightforward, but with the all different channels and systems, it soons becomes a huge headache! Our job is to simplify the process, do the heavy lifting and help you find the people you need.

Easy to use

All online and super easy to use. 

Customer Friendly

We run companies and we understand the stresses

Clever Features

Why do something twice when you can do it once? Clever.

Pricing Philosophy

Monthly Contracts

We know you need flexibility so we work to monthly contracts rather than tying you in to annual deals. Try getting that from a job board.

Pay as You Go

When you need more resource, you can up your commitment or pay for extras as you need them.

Simple Pricing

Rather than billing you line by line, we create simple bundles so that you can combine all the things you need in one simple package. 

We're here for you!

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