You're probably speeding along...

You are growing your business, chasing leads and getting things done and looking for good people to get you to the next stage...

You get a lot of calls from agents...

I bet you get a lot of calls from young recruitment agents trying to build their desk and promising you their undivided attention. They might never have worked in a business, never been an entrepreneur, but hey ho, they are the experts and you are not (at least that is the implication) and for £500 they can make all your problems go away. Yeah, right!
"Paul knows what he is talking about, he's been in the field and knows what makes people tick and he does what he says he is going to do!"

Case 1

Home Fundraising

Home Fundraising is the UK's leading charity fund raiser with teams in every major city in the UK. It's a tough job that takes character & persistance. People leave all the time, so our job is to keep finding new candidates to join their teams. They are "persistant" recruiters; which means that they are recruiting 7 days a week. The challenge is to stay on top of requirements and keep the processing volume high.

People are Key...

But you may not be sure exactly what you need.

We help you specify what the role entails and where the likely candidates are going to be found.
  • Character & Personality
  • Skillset
  • Experience
  • Cultural Fit


We can produce the description and creatives

Scope Out

Help you specify the parameters and criteria for the role


Filter out the candidates so you see people who might fit

Write Once...
Post Everywhere with one click!

Our system allows you to write your advert in one place and then post to multiple boards with one click. Then all your applications come into one place as well!

How we help busy people like you

Sometimes, its the way we act that matters more than business speaking. You don't want to lose too much to this stuff, and we try to make you life easier!

Blue Sky

Happy to do some blue sky thinking and come up with new ideas when you need it. We live in Scotland ~ we need blue skies even more than you do!

Be Prompt

We know you need it now, and so our systems and processes are designed to get new campaigns out the door immediately


Let's not discuss it twice when we can get it done right first time. We capture your requirements quickly so you can get onto something else.

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