Staff for Events

Claire, our event manager, has been helping companies manage the logistics of their events for 17 years. As a result we understand what it takes to staff any event, whether it’s a large corporate, a fairytale wedding or a small family dinner.

When interviewing and registering staff, I know exactly what is required from each person, whether that is an experienced Event Manager or a member of the FOH team.

Don’t worry about the location of staff – if they are good enough, we can arrange for transport to ensure they get there and don’t let you down.

We can provide a full staffing solution when you need it, or simply fill in the holes.

Help you out of a sticky situation and provide individual candidates as and when required

My experience places me well and ensures I understand what is required to allow me to search and select the right candidates for the business 


Just Staff

Per Person

If all you need is staff we can recruit them for you

Complete Team

Package Price

If you need a whole events team including management and staff, we can help you specify the requirements and get them recruited

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