Flat Fee

The benefits of flat fee

What is  Flat Fee?

Flat fee recruitment is the best and easiest way to manage your recruitment costs when you are running campaigns. Rather than pay a percentage of salary fee, we charge a fixed price for a bundle of services which both saves you money and locks in the cost.

Pricing Options

Have one Vacancy?

Simple Fixed Fee Recruitment


The perfect little package for companies with one vacancy
  • Campaign Management

    We optimise and manage your job vacancy

  • Candidate Filtering

    Save time with our screening service

  • Local Campaigns

    Targeted by Postcode, City or Region.

Volume Recruitment

From £499pm

Ideal for Sales and Events Recruitment Campaigns 
  • Set Daily Targets

    Spread across multiple job boards

  • Candidate Management

    Free Candidate Relationship Software

  • Target Passive Candidates

    Access millions of candidates

All inclusive

Total Recruitment Solution


We do it all, Advertising, Search and Shortlisting
  • We do all the Work

  • Pre-Screened and Referenced

    Engaged and Briefed Shortlist

  • 12 Week Guarantee

    Peace of mind

The Job Time Difference

Campaign Management

There are so many options in recruitment, with database searching, job boards, facebook, linked-in, newspapers and so on and on and on. It is difficult to know which to use and how to go about it. We work with you to manage those campaigns.

Work on High Volume

We work on high volumes which means we can deal with hundreds of candidates.

Available to Help

Unlike most automated recruitment services, we actually work with you personally to solve problems, advise and guide you on the best options for you.

No Set Up Fees

We don't charge set up fees and set you up for free.

No Agency Fees?

Our flat fee is a flat fee and has no surcharges. For those hard to fill roles, we agree on the costs in advance so there are no surprises. 

No Long Terms Contracts

We run on monthly contracts with monthly invoicing

No Job Board Costs

The package includes all your pre-bought advertising credits to be spent across lots of different job boards.

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